360° Financial Modeling & Valuation Course

4 Hours
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    Course Introduction4:01
    Financial Statement Analysis- Breaking Down3:46
    Working with Financial statements - Part 16:02
    Activity - Basic Level5:39
    Working with Financial statements - Part 21:49
    Activity - Advance Level5:05
    Ratio Analysis Overview10:35
    Valuation Overview6:02
    Relative Valuation Overview5:59
    Creating an Income Statement5:16
    Continuing with assumptions3:57
    Building the format of the Income Statement4:25
    Building Formulas to Forecast Tax Expense and Minority Interest line Item2:37
    Working with CAGR Calculation4:17
    Overview of the Revenue Model6:25
    Building a Revenue Model5:55
    Calculating Average Revenue Per Store5:47
    Constructing Balance Sheet Format_15:03
    Developing Balance Sheet and its Elements7:10
    Working with CAGR and Trend Analysis Calculation5:43
    Building Assumption for the Asset Side of the Balance Sheet9:41
    Forecasting the Balance Sheet for the Liability Side6:40
    Other Liability Items10:29
    Introduction to the Cash Flow Statement10:08
    Designing and Structuring the Cash Flow Statement6:31
    Linking the Line Items in the cashflow6:52
    Add End 03
    Dealing with Working Capital, Capex, and Depreciation (WCCD)6:57
    Getting the Format Ready - Approach 13:53
    Building Formula for Each Line Item4:37
    Getting the Format Ready - Approach 25:55
    Forecasting Current Assets10:59
    Creating a Waterfall Formula2:48
    Forecasting Line items in the Working Capital Calculations6:13
    Forecasting Working Captical Schedule6:00
    Forecasting Capex and Depreciation Schedule11:44
    Introduction to DCF Method5:11
    Forecasting of the Dividend Schedule3:49
    Compounding, Discounting and Layers of Complexity of the DCF4:16
    Calculating the Cost of Each Capital10:02
    Building the Valuation Sheet10:41
    Calculating the Cash Flows Related to DCF5:49
    Building Sensitivity Analysis and Schedule of Valuation8:15
    Session Conclusion11:45

A 4-Hour Instruction Course to Learn Industry Best Practices & Common Pitfalls in Financial Modeling

Yoda Learning

Yoda Learning

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Yoda Learning is a team of 12+ industry professionals focused on developing project-based learning solutions, which allows students to accrue real-world experience and learn in an engaging and practical manner. Its courses encompass everything from web and mobile app development to data analytics and design.


Don’t just learn how to develop financial statements and theories behind the valuation. Learn the techniques that wow industry leaders and become hot in the job market with this 360° Financial Modeling & Valuation course. With 4 hours of video content, you'll get a great overview of financial modeling and how to build client-ready deliverables from scratch. You'll learn formatting protocols, statements, forecast drivers, and more.

  • Access 46 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
  • Build a 3-statement financial model with valuation in 3 phases
  • Build client-ready deliverables from scratch
  • Become better with Excel shortcuts, industry best practices, time-saving tips & more
  • Create a report-like presentation
  • Complement your statements with CAGR, Horizontal & Vertical Analysis
  • Learn the fundamental drivers of each line-item in their respective schedules
  • Perform Discounted Cash Flow Valuation where you learn to calculate FCFF & WACC


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  • Updates included
  • Experience level required: intermediate


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