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  • Your First Program
  • Getting Started
    How To Get All The Free Stuff2:31
    Introduction to Getting Started Section0:36
    Getting Started On A Mac3:24
    Getting Started on Windows4:38
    How To Ask Great Questions2:21
    Frequently Asked Questions
  • HTML 5
    Introduction to HTML 5 Section1:02
    Your First Webpage4:12
    You First Webpage - Files & Coding Challenge
    The Structure of a Webpage8:13
    The Structure of a Website - Files
    Creating A Full Webpage6:16
    Creating A Full Webpage - Files
    Header Tags3:52
    Header Tags - Files
    Paragraph Tags3:41
    Paragraph Tags - File
    Formatting Text5:20
    Formatting Text - Files
    Unordered Lists2:28
    Unordered Lists - Files
    Ordered Lists2:36
    Ordered Lists - Files
    Images - Files
    Forms - Files
    Tables - Files
    Links - Files
    HTML Entities3:34
    HTML Entities - Files
    IFrames - Files
    Putting It All Together19:01
    Putting It All Together - Files
    Setting Up Your Free Web Platform6:27
    Setting Up FTP On Windows11:18
    Setting Up FTP On A Mac9:46
    Further Reading - HTML
    Further Reading - TAG Reference
  • CSS 3
    Introduction To CSS 3 Section0:53
    What Is CSS2:44
    Inline CSS6:45
    Inline CSS - Files
    Internal CSS4:52
    Internal CSS - Files
    Classes And IDs6:58
    Classes And IDs - Files
    Divs - Files
    Colors - Files
    Floating - Files
    Positioning - Files
    Margins - Files
    Padding - Files
    Borders - Files
    Fonts - Files
    Styling Text7:37
    Styling Text - Files
    Aligning Text6:10
    Aligning Text - Files
    Styling Links5:31
    Styling Links - Files
    CSS Project BBC News Website (1)41:29
    CSS Project BBC News Website (2)31:59
    CSS Project BBC News Website (3)27:46
    CSS Project BBC News Website (4)21:31
    CSS Project BBC News Website - Files
    External CSS3:30
    Further Reading CSS
    Reference 2 - CSS
  • Javascript
    Introduction To Javascipt Section1:00
    What Is Javascript?5:10
    What Is Javascript - Files
    Internal Javascript5:48
    Internal Javascript - Files
    Accessing Elements7:00
    Accessing Elements - Files
    Responding To A Click7:11
    Responding To A Click - Files
    Changing Website Content10:41
    Changing Website Content - Files
    Manipulating Styles With Javascript3:37
    Manipulating Styles With Javascript - Files
    Mini Challenge - Disappearing Circles6:05
    Mini Challenge - Disappearing Circles - Files
    Variables - Files
    Arrays - Files
    If Statements9:32
    If Statements - Files
    Javascript Game - How Many Fingers13:10
    Javascript Game - How Many Fingers - Files
    Loops - Files
    While Loops13:08
    While Loops - Files
    Functions - Files
    Javascript Project - Reaction Tester30:00
    Javascript Project - Reaction Tester - Files
    External Javascript2:59
    External Javascript - Files
    Further Reading - Javascript
    Reference 3 Javascript
  • JQuery
    Introduction to JQuery Section1:00
    What Is JQuery3:19
    Using JQuery In Your Web Pages8:09
    Using JQuery In Your Web Pages - Files
    Detecting A Click7:19
    Detecting A Click - Files
    Changing Website Content5:51
    Changing Website Content - Files
    Changing Website Styles9:54
    Changing Website Styles - Files
    Fading Content14:59
    Fading Content - Files
    Animating Content7:29
    Animating Content - Files
    AJAX - Files
    Regular Expressions5:43
    Regular Expressions - Files
    Mini Project - Form Validation32:47
    Mini project - Form Validation - Files
    Introducing JQuery UI7:24
    Introducing JQuery UI - Files
    Draggables & Resizables0:14
    Draggables & Resizables - Files
    Droppables - Files
    Accordian & Sortables7:28
    Accordian & Sortables - Files
    jQuery Project - Code Player Project57:22
    jQuery Project - Code Player Project - Files
    Further Reading - jQuery
  • Bootstrap 4
    Introduction to Bootstrap 4 Section1:14
    What Is Bootstrap2:53
    Your First Bootstrap Site6:20
    Your First Bootstrap Site - Files
    The Grid System10:13
    The Grid System - Files
    Introducing Navbars12:36
    Introducing Navbars - Files
    Forms & Tables18:15
    Forms & Tables - Files
    Bootstrap Components11:33
    Bootstrap Components - Files
    Modals, Popovers & Tooltips19:47
    Modals, Popovers & Tooltips - Files
    Scrollspy - Files
    Project - App Landing Page33:52
    Project - App Landing Page - Files
    The Bootstrap Themes7:58
    Further Reading - Bootstrap
  • Wordpress
    Introduction To Wordpress1:45
    What Is Wordpress4:31
    The Wordpress Dashboard12:51
    Creating A Blog13:24
    Creating An Ecommerce Site6:40
    Wordpress Challenge - Create A Site1:02
    Further Reading - Wordpress
  • PHP
    Introduction To PHP Section0:55
    Introduction To PHP3:52
    Hello World With PHP10:23
    Hello World With PHP - Files
    Variables - Files
    Arrays - Files
    If Statements4:46
    If Statements - Files
    For And For each Loops8:46
    For And Each Loops - Files
    While Loops4:58
    While Loops - Files
    GET Variables17:59
    Get Variables - Files
    POST Variables7:55
    Post Variables - Files
    Sending An Email With PHP6:52
    Sending An Email With PHP - Files
    MiniProject - A Contact Form30:08
    A Contact Form - Files
    Getting Contents Of Other Scripts4:00
    Getting Contents Of Other Scripts - Files
    Weather Scraper - Files
    Further Reading - PHP
  • MySQL
    Introduction to MySQL Section0:55
    Introduction To MySQL9:27
    Connecting To A Database7:21
    Connecting To A Database - Files
    Retrieving Data From A Database7:36
    Retrieving Data From A Database - Files
    Inserting And Updating Data8:39
    Inserting And Updating Data - Files
    Looping Through Data23:15
    Looping Through Data - Files
    Session Variables7:38
    Storing Passwords Securely7:45
    Project - Secret Diary (1)44:23
    Project - Secret Diary (2)29:10
    Project - Secret Diary (3)31:00
    Project - Secret Diary - Files
    Session Variables - Files
    Cookies - Files
    Storing Passwords Securely - Files
    Further Reading - MySQL
  • APIs
    Introduction To API Section1:21
    What Is An API?1:50
    What's The Weather Recrafted20:39
    The Google Maps API11:14
    Geocoding With Google Maps14:21
    Mini Challenge-Postcode Finder8:44
    The Twitter API13:45
    Challenge - Build A Twitter Client12:48
  • Mobile Apps
    Introduction To Mobile Apps Section1:32
    Creating HTML Based Apps2:51
    Using App.JS21:05
    Using App.JS
    Permanent Storage6:33
    Permanent Storage - Files
    Challenge - Email Client App50:54
    Challenge - Email Client App - Files
    Introducing Phonegap Build3:56
    Submitting An App To GooglePlay13:33
    Submitting An App To The App Store13:47
    Further Reading - Mobile Apps
  • HTML 5 & CSS 3 Special Features
    Introduction To HTML5 / CSS3 Section1:05
    What Is HTML5?2:00
    HTML5 Form Features13:26
    HTML 5 Form Features - Files
    Audio & Video9:46
    Audio & Video - Files
    The HTML5 Canvas18:50
    HTML 5 Canvas - Files
    HTML5 Challenge - ClockFace20:54
    HTML 5 Challenge - Clock Face - Files
    Other HTML5 Features8:53
    Other HTML5 Features - Files
    What Is CSS3?1:41
    Advanced Selectors8:28
    Advanced Selectors - Files
    Pseudo-Classes - Files
    Gradients & Shadows10:14
    Gradients & Shadows - Files
    Transformations & Animations8:27
    Transformations & Animations - Files
    Layout & Calculations15:50
    Layout & Calculations - Files
    Further Reading - HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • Python
    Introduction To Python Section1:07
    Introduction to Python2:29
    Hello World in Python6:08
    Why Learn Python2:29
    Variables and Arrays12:07
    Variables and Arrays - File
    Loops in Python11:15
    Loops in Python - File
    If Statements in Python10:45
    If Statements in Python - Files
    Functions in Python12:15
    Python Project - Mastermind32:14
    Functions in Python - Files
    Python Project - Mastermind Files
    Python Further Reading
  • Bonus Section: Twitter Clone Using MVC
    MVC Framework Setup60:56
    Displaying Tweets22:23
    Following & Unfollowing23:08
    Searching & Viewing Profiles17:03
    Posting A Tweet19:03
  • Where Do You Go From Here?
    Where Do You Go From Here?0:40

Discover the True Power of the Internet By Building 25 Websites & Mobile Apps with Popular Instructor, Rob Percival!

Rob Percival


Rob Percival has a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University. After building websites for friends and family for fun, he soon learned that web development was a very lucrative career choice. He gave up a successful job as a teacher to work part time and today, couldn't be happier. He's passionate about teaching kids to code, so every summer he runs Code School in the beautiful city of Cambridge. He also runs the popular web platform and design service, Eco Web A platform which leaves him free to share my secrets with people like you. For more details on this course and instructor, click here.


Web developers are highly in-demand - that's no secret. Whether you're looking to build a lucrative career from scratch or pick up some extra cash building and monetizing your own websites, this course is a great place to start. With this fully immersive course that covers everything 'code', you'll learn everything you need to start programming like a pro. It's time to join the 21st-century workforce!

  • Access 288 lectures & 30.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn fundamentals of HTML5, CSS3 & Python
  • Build responsive websites w/ jQuery, PHP 7, MySQL 5 & Twitter Bootstrap
  • Develop blogs & ecommerce sites w/ WordPress
  • Discover smart ways to add dynamic content by using APIs
  • Receive free unlimited web platform for one year
  • Make a Twitter clone to put your knowledge into action


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion is included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


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